slide [slīd]
slid [slid] sliding [ME sliden < OE slidan < IE * (s)leidh-, slippery < base * (s)lei-, slimy, slippery > LIME1, SLICK, SLIME]
1. to move along in constant frictional contact with some surface or substance [windows that slide open]
2. to move in this manner on a sled, the feet, etc. in contact with a smooth surface, esp. snow or ice
3. to move quietly and smoothly; glide
4. to move stealthily or unobtrusively
5. to shift from a position; slip [the wet cup slid from his hand]
6. to pass gradually (into or out of some condition) [to slide into bad habits]
7. Baseball to drop down and slide along the ground toward a base to avoid being tagged out by the baseman
1. to cause to slide; make move with a smooth, gliding motion
2. to move, place, or slip quietly, deftly, or stealthily (in or into)
1. an act of sliding
2. a smooth, usually inclined track, surface, or chute down which to slide, as on a playground
3. something that works by sliding; part that slides or is slid on
4. a photographic transparency mounted for use with a viewer or projector
5. a small glass plate used as a mounting for objects to be examined under a microscope
a) the fall of a mass of rock, snow, earth, etc. down a slope
b) the mass that falls
7. Music
b) an ornament made up of two or more notes ascending or descending to a principal note
c) a U-shaped section of tubing which is moved to change the pitch of certain brass instruments, esp. the trombone
let slide
to fail to take some expected or required action on; allow to drift along

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